Rogue Gunn Works

Rogue Gunn Works

AR15/10 Beginning Assembly and Rifle Maintenance Course
Winter 2017/18

Want to learn the fine details to assembling your own rifle and proper maintenance techniques?
Want information on where to obtain parts from recommended companies and the various parts available for you to either build your rifle for the first time or upgrade your present rifle?

Cost $200.00 for 20+ hours of class time including range day instruction
Last day to register is November 13, 2017 based on availability

To sign up and for more information contact us at:


Session 1

Session 1: Tues. November 14th 6pm Start Time - AR Parts and Pieces and Class Introduction
– (break for 3 weeks to have time to gather parts for first part of course and or to get prepared)

Session 2: Tues. December 12th 6pm Start Time - Lower receiver function & assembly (Then break for 3 weeks to have time to gather parts for second part of course)

Session 3: Tues. January 9th Tues. 6pm Start Time - Upper receiver function & assembly

Session 4: Tues. January 16th Tues. 6pm Start Time - Final build assembly & function checks

Session 5: Range Day Sat. January 20th Weather permitting - Meet in morning around 10:00 at Logan Range until mid afternoon

Take Care of Your Most Prized Possessions in the Belgrade & Bozeman, MT area

Take Care of Your Most Prized Possessions in the Belgrade & Bozeman, MT area

Rogue Gunn Works offers Custom gunsmithing and Certified Cerakote applications

Your firearm protects you. You should return the favor. Take your firearms to the certified experts at Rogue Gunn Works serving the Belgrade/Bozeman, Montana area. Our expert crew can:

As authorized dealers for many different companies Rogue Gunn Works can help you find the best prices for both firearms and parts. Serving the Belgrade/Bozeman MT area we’ll help you find the perfect solution to your firearm needs.

Do you need a gun-related service that’s not on this list? Call us at 406-599-7740 or text us at 360-649-2279 to get in touch with a Rogue Gunn Works team member about your firearms needs.

Don’t settle for just any gun shop in Belgrade/Bozeman, MT.
Choose Rogue Gunn Works because we:

  1. Rogue Gunn Works is Cerakote Certified
  2. Create custom firearms and Cerakote coatings.
  3. Never copy the work of others. We stand by our motto, "One of A Kind Craftmanship"
  4. Take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for.
  5. Rogue Gunn Works is a Class 7 FFL SOT Dealer 

Our shop is located in Belgrade, MT.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is an advanced firearm coating material. It’s made from a polymer-ceramic composite that can be used on metal, plastic, polymer and wood. Firearms covered in Cerakote resist:

  • Abrasion and wear
  • Corrosion
  • Chemical damage
  • Impact damage

Make your firearm more resilient, more effective and more appealing with a custom Cerakote coating. Our Certified Cerakote Applicators love to individualize firearms. Maybe you would like your Cerakote application to be simple with a classic elegance or perhaps you are looking to add more creativity to your Firearm. Drop by the shop in Belgrade/Bozeman, Montana to speak with a Certified Cerakote specialist about our Cerakote coatings. We carry all Cerakote colors and even can mix and blend colors to specifications. We also create all our graphics in house and are able to do simple to complex designs.

  • Rogue Gunn Works

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    Belgrade, MT 59714


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November 3rd 2017

November 3rd 2017

Martin Bond Eadie showing off his Sig and Miami Classic Hoslter. We did a transfer For him and we can do yours too.

Nov. 1st 2017

Nov. 1st 2017

Ringing In Novemeber we got this fantastic picture Of Austin Bousquet using his Leupold Scope he purchased through our shop Thanks Austin.

October 31st 2017

October 31st 2017

You cant say its Halloween unless you sport a fully functional rocking awesome Steampunk AK Held by Kate in her Steam Garb.

October 29th 2017

October 29th 2017

Came back from the Advanced Cerakote class with some fun future project ideas. Right here are three cerakote ideas in one to build three different firearms. OH YEAH.

October 26th 2017

October 26th 2017

The Diver makes his appearence and shows all how a rusted old Cerakote look can be created.


With a Certified Cerakote applicator on staff, Rogue Gunn Works is proud to be offering the process of Cerakote: A high temperature Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating with the ability to be applied to materials such as metals, plastics, polymers, bone, and wood. With its unique ceramic formulation, Cerakote enhances the physical performance properties of materials. Using Cerakote coating helps prevent abrasion/wear, and corrosion caused by environmental and chemical emissions. At the same time Cerakote increases overall strength and hardness. Click the button below for more information and a detailed services and price list for Rogue Gunn Works